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Dr. John Parker

It was wonderful to be able to move my back and neck fully without pain."

My name is Debi and I am 56 years old. I live in Irving, Texas and have worked as an office administrator for 30 years. I'm single and have 3 grown children.

My family has a history of "bad backs". At the time of my first visit, I was having numbness in my hands. I was afraid it was carpal tunnel, and wanted to avoid surgery if at all possible. After x-rays, Dr. Jim Parker asked if I had ever been in an accident. Several years earlier, I was driving in the rain at night, missed a turn and slid into a field. At the time my neck and back hurt, but I never went to a doctor. Dr. Jim said that my neck had been damaged, and ever since the muscles had been trying to protect the injury. They were now so tight that they were pinching the nerves going to my hands. After 6 weeks of treatment, I had no pain and no numbness. I hadn't realized how stiff my neck had become - it was wonderful to be able to move my back and neck fully without pain.

Then I got hurt at work. I was a church secretary at the time, and was moving boxes of groceries in the food pantry. I lifted a box that I thought contained cereal boxes; actually, most of it was canned goods. My lower back hurt immediately, and I left work early. It got worse as the evening wore on, despite taking over-the-counter painkillers. In the morning I had to roll out of bed, the pain was so bad (is there an 11 on the Pain Intensity Index?!) I went immediately to Dr. John Parker and he took x-rays and ran tests.

Dr. John & James Parker did everything they could to help me. All of the staff worked hard to help me heal. Again, it was wonderful to have my body function as it is supposed to, without pain or stiffness.*

"It is the only treatment that has made a difference in the quality of my life."

My name is Rich and I am a 51-year-old male living in a suburb of Dallas, TX.

I have experienced back pain for almost 20 years. My worst experience occurred while on a cruise. The pain was so bad that I collapsed to the floor and was unable to move. I was injected with pain killers and taken off the ship in a wheelchair. MRI's indicated a bulging disk at the L5 region. My problem is very specific in it's location. I tried different treatments, but this one has the most success.

The sharp pain and spasms when they occur leave me depressed and feeling fragile and frail. I lead a very active life and when the my condition gets worse I get so desperate for help to be able to sit or sleep without constant pain, let alone even think about such minor chores as cutting the grass. Dr John Parker is not only a friend, but truly a blessing. We have had some very positive results. I believe the key to my improvement is being consistent with the treatment and along with his instructions, I have been experiencing the best results in a long time. I have recommended neighbors, co-workers, and friends to Dr. Parker and all have reported improvement in their condition. It is the only treatment that has made a difference in the quality of my life.*

"You don't have to live with the pain."

I am a 45 year old professional who likes to stay very active with exercise, yard work, etc. I started having back and hip pain that was limiting my ability to enjoy my normal weekly activities. It was slowly getting worse over time. Simple things like mowing the lawn caused it to flare up.

I was impressed with Dr. Parker's comprehensive approach. The staff is very friendly, helpful, and professional.

I started seeing some positive results after just a few visits. After 2 months, I was able to resume my normal activities without the pain. I am now on a maintenance program where I come in for a tune-up.

You don't have to live with the pain.*

"Today those areas of my body are working as they were 10 years ago."

My name is Steve. I first went to Parker Chiropractic Clinic for lower back issues from playing some high intensity sports. Dr. Parker was able to find areas on my back immediately that needed care. I felt relief within one week. Before going to Dr. Parker, I was dealing with continual low back and neck pain. Today those areas of my body are working as they were 10 years ago.*

"I did not know how bad I had really felt, until I realized how much better I was feeling."

My name is Kathy, 55, single, living in Irving, Texas. I work in the accounting department of an Electrical and Datacom Supplier located at 635 and Hillcrest.

My back had been somewhat stiff for a while, not bad enough that it prevented me from doing anything or going anywhere that I wanted.

But it was on a drive to Louisiana in March '09 that it really started to bother me. I could never quite get comfortable in my car seat. The only thing that helped was to put my jacket between my back and the seat to give it a little padding. It was not an intense pain, just very uncomfortable for the whole trip.

Back in Irving, I did not think anymore about it and did not do anything.

Then about a month later, I was planning a trip to Disneyland with my niece, and I started wondering how the rides might affect my back, so I went for a massage, it did not help, it just made me realize that there was more to my back pain. That's when I decided to see someone. So on Monday before I was to leave town on Wednesday, I called, explained the situation, and they set up an appointment for Tuesday morning.

Within a couple of weeks of starting the treatment, I noticed I did not know how bad I had really felt, until I realized how much better I was feeling.

Dr. Parker was very good at explaining the treatment, how it would work and what to expect from it. He would take the time to thoroughly answer any questions or address any concerns that I may have had.

I would highly recommend Dr. Parker and his staff, as I felt that they were helpful, knowledgeable, and understanding.*

"I started to feel the effects almost immediately."

My name is Larry. I am 43 years old, not married and have no children. I have had some back pain most of my life, but it was getting worse. Before I went to Dr. Parker, it would take me quite a bit of time to get completely straightened up.

When I met Dr. Parker, I liked him right away, as he and his staff were personable, friendly and helpful. I started to feel the effects almost immediately. It took a few visits to get me straightened out as it were. I have recommended him to my family members with back pain, who have started using him also. My only regret is that - because I travel almost all the time-, I can't go more.*

"I can walk easily."

In the summer of 2008, I was having pain in my hip whenever I sat very long or lay in one position too long. The pain would wake me up and I could go back to sleep a few minutes after I changed sides. When I stood up, I had to pause before walking.

Then in August I had to force myself to walk, as there was so much pain when I walked. I contacted Parker Chiropractic in Irving, Texas. Dr. John treated me. By the time I finished my treatments, I felt much better. I continue to get care now. I seldom have pain now. I can walk easily.*

Thank you Dr. Parker and staff,

Margaret N.

"Words can't express how great it is to have a "normal" life again."

I first experienced neck pain late summer of 2007. It came on gradually and I blamed it on my old mattress.

I hurt mostly in the neck area, especially on the right side. As a few more days went by the pain became unbearable. I couldn't move my head from side to side without worse pain and it was now affecting my right shoulder and arm.

On a scale of 1-10 my pain was a 12. I wanted to cut my arm and head off it hurt so bad. I had shooting pain when I tried to move and because of the pain in the neck area I could not lie down without much difficulty. Pain never went away, just went from bad to worse given what I was trying to do; which wasn't much it hurt so bad.

I couldn't sleep in bed so tried to sleep in recliner, but couldn't recline much as that put pressure on the back of the neck. Most of the time my right arm was so numb and tingly that I couldn't feel it to move it to use normally. The shooting pain came from my neck and shot down the arm ending at the tip of my thumb. I felt as if I could "zap" people if I pointed my thumb at them because the electrical feeling through my arm was as if I was hooked up to an electric current. Pain mainly stayed in neck and upper back area and in the right arm and shoulder.

Any activity made it worse. Over the counter pain medicine didn't help much, neither did heat or ice. Pain of this magnitude hinders you from doing anything normal. Walking was even a challenge. I looked like a tin soldier in slow motion. My over all attitude stunk and I was very crabby to say the least. On the verge of tears one moment and then like a pit bull the next. I knew I couldn't continue in this manner so after several days of suffering (over the weekend) I made a call to Parker Chiropractic in Irving as they are just a few blocks from where I live.

I knew at this point it wasn't the fault of my mattress. Dr. John Parker was able to take me in immediately. After his initial examination and X-rays, it was determined that my C5 & C6 (I think these are the right ones) were compressed. He explained to me that if I was an ice cream sandwich that my ice cream had melted and the two cookies that hold the ice cream in place were way too close to each other. This caused the pinched nerves and everything else that went with it.

I started treatment immediately. I was seeing Dr. John and his staff a few times a week for a while. After several sessions I was already feeling better. I can't say enough about what Dr. Parker did for me. Dr. John and his staff saved me from surgery.

After a few weeks, it was so good to be able to sleep in my own bed, even if it wasn't for very long at a time. I could perform my duties at work easier and more efficiently. Though I have the best boss in the world and a wonderful crew, they were glad that I had found help from the staff at Parker Chiropractic. Through my many visits to the clinic and because of my neck and upper back pain and tingly arm situation, I also had a nerve study done. The results of that test confirmed that I have Carpal Tunnel in both hands and arms; especially in the thumb area, worse on the right hand, which I use the most. I do exercises for it and watch with carrying and lifting and over using hands, wrists, thumbs etc. It has all helped so much.

I feel so fortunate to have found such wonderful, caring individuals at Parker Chiropractic that helped me to break this circle of pain and stress that tried to defeat me in any way it could.

Dr. John and his brother Dr. James have surrounded themselves with some of the friendliest, knowledgeable professional people there are. Every time I went in, I was greeted with a room full of smiles and encouragement. When you go to a place like this as much as I did you get to know these people as if they were part of your family. They listen, encourage, support and go above and beyond the call of duty to make you feel like you're the only patient they have.

Dr. John has a special way with his patients. He's easy to talk to and he shows that he really cares for each of us as individual. I'm so glad that his clinic was just down the street.

It was additionally encouraging to learn that his father was the founder of Parker College of Chiropractic. In visiting with other patients in his waiting room, everyone felt the same way I do about the clinic and the staff. He and his staff were there for me through a very difficult time in my life. I have told everyone I know about the help I received through Parker Chiropractic. Words can't express how great it is to have a "normal" life again.

At my age and weight nothing will ever be perfect, but it's pretty darn good. If anyone is looking for a family friendly back and neck clinic that goes the extra mile for their patients, then Parker Chiropractic is the place for them. Thank you Dr. John, Dr. James and all the staff for making a difference in my life. I will always be grateful for the professional and personal care I received.*

*Individual results may vary from the testimonials shared.