Upper Back Pain

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Causes of Upper Back Pain

Slouching at a computer desk or not sitting up straight behind the steering wheel on a long trip can result in upper back pain. Bending the neck too much while standing and performing repetitive tasks for years at a time without periodic rotation could also cause it. Constantly straining your muscles to push, pull or lift heavy objects could also result in painful injuries, and so can lifting objects with your back instead of your legs. Related injuries include ruptured discs and subluxations occurring because of excess stress in the vertebrae where the neck meets the head.

Acute injuries that occur while playing sports or after a workplace slip and fall could also cause pain in the neck, shoulders, and upper back. Car accident whiplash could result in similar problems. Sometimes, strained muscles or ligaments can even tear after acute accidents or repetitive activities.

Typical Symptoms of Upper Back Pain

Aside from sharp upper back pain, you might also experience aching, stiffness or burning. In addition, you might feel tingling or numbness and inflammation. You might also feel prickly sensations or have headaches and shoulder or arm pain. 

How to Diagnose Upper Back Pain

Our Irving chiropractor can pinpoint causes of damage to muscles and nerves by administering reflex and range of motion tests and collecting information about symptoms and medical history. In addition, we might provide you with a comprehensive exam. This evaluation may include X-rays, lab analysis and machine tests to identify musculoskeletal and nervous system problems.

Our Parker Chiropractic Clinic Injury Treatment Methods

We use manual manipulation to realign your spine. This along with the gentle tugging of decompression that can space apart your vertebrae will relieve pressure and stress. In addition, we will add tension relief when necessary by using therapeutic massage.

We assist further by assigning physical exercises and nutrition tips that will help you increase your range of motion and alleviate pain. Any activity that strengthens your muscles to avoid future aches, stiffness or inflammation is one we also encourage.

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